Best Crypto for beginners-2023

As a new investor, finding which coin you invest in is the hardest. Having almost 22.000 coins and tokens on Coinmarketcap and over 100.000 in total makes it harder for a beginner to find where to invest. So we will give some options on Crypto for beginners covering five projects that could be a safe investment choice and two with a low market cap but significant potential.

Crypto rules for beginners

Before introducing coins, we must remind you of two golden investment rules.
First, invest what you can afford to lose, nothing more. Always keep a budget.
Second, the rule for crypto investements.70-20-10
Invest 70% of total money on big market cap projects(like Ethereum and Bitcoin) -20% on big projects(like Solana or Avax), and only 10% on riskier projects with lower market caps.

1)Bitcoin (BTC) – King of Crypto

Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency introduced globally and started the crypto revolution almost 15 years ago. As a proof-of-work system for coin production , it means that it has a better security but a slower network. Therefore, Bitcoin is the best option for a new trader that wants to avoid a significant risk on his first crypto investment.

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2) Ethereum

Ethereum is the second most famous cryptocurrency after Bitcoin, with the second bigger total market cap. Ethereum network first built Defi and nft industries on the Ethereum network, and the option of smart contracts makes it a perfect choice for decentralized app (known as dApp) developers to build on this network. Also, started as a proof-of-work coin but recently became a proof-of-stake coin making it faster and with fewer sources consuming.

3) Ada

Cardano is the main competitor of Ethereum. A blockchain protocol based on a proof-of-stake system is high-speed and has low fees. Cardano has its smart contract to try to surpass Ethereum on total market caps.


Bnb or Binance coin is now in the top 3 cryptocurrencies after Bitcoin and Ethereum.
BnB has an interesting ecosystem of decentralized blockchain networks. Based on this new coin, Binance has launched an entire ecosystem which includes the Binance Chain, the Binance Smart chain, Trust Wallet, and many more


Avalance is one of the main competitors of Ethereum. It’s a layer-one blockchain and a hub for many developers who deploy their smart contracts on this ecosystem—with three different chains inside their network; they succeed better scalability and cheaper fees.
X-Chain, C-Chain, and P- Chain are the Avax chains. Each one has a different network role.

Riskier options :


Project quantum team plans to launch their shooting game built on unreal engine five approximately in 2024-2025. Launched on pancakeswap, it has the potential for big things. The development of the game is still early and over 25-30 game designers are working on this project


Project Quantum Teaser


Evdc is the first decentralized token used as EV charging currency. They already have a network with chargers that have the option for crypto payments—targeting to expand their network and launch their EV map app!



!!Warning !!

Crypto assets are highly volatile and unregulated in many countries. No consumer protection. Your capital is at risk.

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